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Makers Meets event

A brand new event series to bring together real people who are interested from learning about great product design.

At the end of 2018 I signed on with Aqueduct to deliver an engagement and lead generation strategy that would target the charity sector; but with the flexibility to apply to other sectors too. This strategy blended a multichannel digital strategy; elevating the quality of their social and digital outputs, as well event campaigns.

I collaborated with the disability equality charity, Scope to create their new event series "Maker Meets". In June 2019 I delivered its first event "Design for Everyone" which made the business case for inclusive design and digital accessibility to 30 attendees from major charities across the sector.

About Aqueduct


Once, an agency for household brands, such as nonprofits English Heritage, Scope or well known FC's, after joining Flipside Group, the agency evolved to focus on digital healthcare. Aqueduct unlocks the transformational potential of digital and technology in the pharmaceutical, life sciences, consumer healthcare and public health sectors.


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Did you know most nonprofits don't prioritise timely content during campaigns? Its vital meet audiences where they are.

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