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So! You'd like to know more about me.

The golden thread

I started life as a UX designer, moved into social, then marketing, fundraising, growth marketing, product marketing and now strategy. What is the golden thread? I set out to connect people to simple, yet meaningful solutions, causes and products through incredible digital content experiences.

My Background

I'm a B2B strategist with over 10+ years leading projects and teams, including with global enterprise clients. I have specialised in delivering AAA quality content and marketing strategies that create and grow customer and prospect experiences for B2B audiences through owned channels and paid media. Background in tech, non profits, events and design, allowing for a deep understanding of customer experience optimisation.

My Specialisms

I have specific experience providing strategy to technology brands, from SaaS start-up Lightful or Everywhere+ , to Product Marketing strategy at Funraisin to global tier one names such as Shell  Intel and Adobe.

I spent a chunk of my career working in the non-profit sector, and non-profit supplier tech sector as a Marketing & Digital Fundraising lead. I still regularly take part in Digital Candle mentoring sessions. 

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My Dog

I'm a "Dog-dad" to a wonderful miniature labradoodle called Luna who loves coming to offices, maybe you will meet her! She also makes a great "pub or cafe dog" so let me know if you'd like me to bring her for a coffee - i'd love to chat!

Devising digital & content strategies for impact since 2014

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