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Creative & Content Strategy

A creative marketer, here to help.

This is the perfect place to get acquainted with my work. Don't hesitate to reach out through LinkedIn or Email if you need more information.

Brendan Rodgers

Sr Content & Brand Consultant

Brand & content strategy

Together, we can shape the future of your brand, creatives or content strategy. 

  • Brand development; insight-driven brand transition

  • Creative strategy; we can derive the engagement strategy that will boost your brand's presence in an omnichannel setting.

  • Content strategy: from brand applications to web content UX - let's lay down best practice foundations for your team.-reference audience 

How can I support you?

User-first digital creative

Need a technical content implementation specialist? I can help.

  • Human-first web content that converts.

  • Create amazing experiences that offer value users can't help but come back for.

  • Accessible: Alt text, image contrast, screen reader friendly, cognitive-considerate, driven by WCAG 2.2

How can I support you?

Audience analysis

I can assist in understanding who your audience is and their requirements.

  • Identify your current audience analysis gaps

  • Develop new, or deepen existing customer profiles

  • Analyse audience insights to plan growth 

  • Cross-reference audience behaviours and trends to identify new opportunities.

How can I support you?

Technical copywriting

I can provide technical copywriting support for B2B, B2C and niche audiences, such as Health, Gaming or Technology.

  • Complex copy needs are welcome, including gamification, CRM and customer journeys.
  • Avoid the content time-sink and commission some
    SEO-driven blog content.

  • Articles can be tailored to your SEO needs, to support keyword targets, with metadata provided too.
  • 1 round of feedback is included as default.

How can I support you?

Devising digital, creative & content strategies since 2014

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