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Funraisin: Product Marketing

Funraisin’s advanced fundraising platform features a plethora of ways for nonprofits to boost their fundraising income; from appeals, virtual events, ticketed events, to e-commerce, optimised user experiences and synched marketing tools. Even in that list, they have loads to unpack.

Visual Builder
A total reimagining of the website building process through the funraisin software; the update brought the platform in line with many best practices for simple content creation. The launch was a soft roll out, with carefully laid comms prioritising customers, informative content for new prospects, and an exciting sizzle reel to announce the change.

Facebook Fundraising +
Introducing a new disruptive functionality to the market; Funraisin’s Facebook Fundraising + module can exist as a standalone function or as part of the full suite. The product allows for more data capture and more control over the ‘in-facebook’ environment than other competitors; and also brings with it a “one click registration” process. The launch featured a prolonged social and email campaign, in person and virtual events, PR releases, and customer centric communications and support.

Newsletter Product Spotlights
I built the monthly newsletter content out of necessity, and it evolved as it earned more design resource, and more internal support. It became a place to highlight product features, upcoming thought leadership events and more. These monthly EDMs were sent to international audiences in UK, EU, US, CA, AU and NZ - and beyond.

About Funraisin


Funraisin provides world-class tools to create amazing supporter experiences, grow supporter bases, be confident in the security of their data, and give charities unparallelled freedom to customise fundraising sites as they need- so nonprofits can grow their revenue and spend time tackling our world’s greatest challenges.


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