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Retargeting Product Marketing Creatives for Lightful

This is a portfolio entry for Brendan Rodgers, strategy consultant. You can find more about me here,. If you like what you read, please get in touch, let's talk about how I can support your project.

The Challenge

Lightful benefits from a highly skilled design team, and a visual brand - but one of the challenges they face, is helping convey the impact of sometimes quite small modals within their software ; for example, the functionality to comment on a colleagues work, is huge for collaboration but doesn't take up huge screen real estate. A common challenge in tech.

The Solution

Rooting the software in real-world settings we wanted the visuals of the software to be showcased in the true way they would be experienced. We then layered in the windows to pop out of the devices to draw the users eye, and to silently communicate the behavioural nudges the software and wider teams are so careful to incorporate. These images were used as part of a Facebook Retargeting Campaign that I delivered, which was a successful case study and led to a larger product marketing effort, with the best ads achieving a CTR of 1.7% and a CPA of circa £6.

About Lightful

Bringing together a world-class team of non-profit specialists, digital experts, management consultants, designers and developers, Lightful prides themselves on making innovative technology accessible. This lets their clients' missions flourish by strengthening the relationships between good people and great causes.

Thank you for your time, please connect with me on LinkedIn, or reach out via my contact form to learn more.

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