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Brand Transformation: Nerve Tumours UK

Many of you will know the story of a charity's birth. A perfect storm of tragic circumstance, a lack of service provision, one or two caring and well connected people, and a dash of broadcasting air time to fuel the mission. This was how "Link: The Neurofibromatosis Association" started life in 1982. Thirty years later, it had already experienced a number of brand reviews. "Link" had become "The Neurofibromatosis Association", and in turn had become "The Neuro Foundation". The latest iteration of charity had lost it's call to action, and the name had become nebulous, often being confused with brain injury charities.

In addition, despite best efforts to unify services branding; it had become disjointed.

The website, fundraising campaigns, under 18's support service and sportswear all utilised different colour palettes and approaches.

The Challenge

The Delivery

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