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Nerve Tumours UK's rebrand

A comprehensive rebranding and re-articulation of the message and presence associated with the charity formerly known as The Neuro Foundation.

I was the project lead in The Neuro Foundation’s ambitious rebrand, which we proudly launched on November 1st, 2018. The process began in 2017 when I joined the CEO and Board of Trustees as part of the Extraordinary committee, which featured, the Board, the agency, and myself.


This project involved a culture change; to think of “Neurofibromatosis” as “Nerve Tumours.”  This not only created a punchy, powerful new language for lobbying and fundraising purposes, it also empowered our audiences to explain their complicated genetic condition.


To match the new brand, the charity also required the delivery of a new website. This allowed me to combine our children’s support site with our main website to better articulate the value of supporting children, teens, adults and parents as individuals with separate needs. It was a gratifying process and allowed me to address a total restyling of all digital, printed and merchandise assets.


Alongside this restyling, I also delivered an updated proposition and mission articulation for the charity by collaborating with trustees and stakeholders.

The delivery of the rebrand is still having a fantastic impact on fundraising and marketing strategies. 

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